1.  CSS3 Loading

    Loading is a one of the best css3 collections of SVG loaders and spinners .
    The developer say that If you do intend to use these in production, be aware of limited browser support and be prepared to create fallbacks.
    But most of the latest browsers are support this amazing loading animation with different styles.
    This product is created and licensed by Brent Jackson .
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  2. Flat Preloaders

    Set of animated preloaders, that was made using simple shapes and trendy colors.
    This products will perfectly fit your flat web projects.
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  3. SpinKit

    Spinkit is a pure css animated loading indicators.
    spinkits use only css script  for generate smooth and customizable animations.
    But one thing is spinkit was not works successfully some browsers such as browsers  that not support animation property (ie internet explore 9 and below versions).
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